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Governance, Development and Competitiveness Consultants and Learning Facilitators

GovStrat exists to facilitate human development and betterment by providing businesses and private individuals with a range of relevant and high-quality management consulting services and learning facilitation, through a highly-trained, uniquely qualified and specialized Facilitators and Consultants who are client-oriented, enthusiastic, articulate and committed to excellence.

GovStrat seminar targets the power of branding
Over 40 companies participated in a two-day workshop focusing on ‘Managing Corporate Reputation, Image and Identity: Unleashing the Power of Branding’ held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. The workshop, hosted by corporate training and management consulting firm, GovStrat Limited, was aimed at educating and developing directors, senior executives, middle managers and team leaders from companies from across the country.


GovStrat courses attract leading caribbean companies
More than two hundred senior executives from approximately one hundred caribbean companies in six territories attended GovStrat Spring and Summber workshops. Courses delivered were: Enterprise-wide Risk Management & Internal Control, Managing Corporate Reputation and Brands, High Impact Strategic Planning Strategic Performance Management.